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1015 15th Street
1015 15th Street NW
Washington, DC 20005
Telephone: (202) 289-7908

Facility News, Announcements, and Events News, Announcements, and Events

1015 15th Street Green Scorecard

1015 15th Street Green Scorecard

Energy Consumption

EPA Energy Star Score – 76


Sustainable Improvements    

Motion sensors in all restrooms and elevator lobbies for energy savings

Retrofit of common area lighting to energy-efficient fixtures

Low flow aerators in all restroom sinks and low flow urinals for water savings


Sustainable Operations

LEED-compliant cleaning procedures and cleaning supplies

Recycling program which includes paper, glass, aluminum, plastic, and cardboard

Electronics recycling program, which includes cell phones, batteries, and other small electronics

Annual e-waste collection and recycling (for larger electronics) for tenants

Annual waste audit to ensure effectiveness of recycling program


Sustainable Operations

Online Tenant Handbook

Annual participation in Earth Day

Bike parking provided

Shower facilities in fitness center


Green Tips


Use your Dishwasher

Did you know?


Running a full load saves as much as 35 percent of the water used to wash dishes by and.  Save water – run full loads.


Eliminate E-Waste

Did you know?


Americans throw away 50 million metric tons of electronic waste per year.  Recycle your electronics.


Save your heat

Did you know?


About 25 percent of your home’s heat can escape through leaky windows.  Keep your home a little warmer and weather-strip your doors or caulk your windows.


Turn off the lights

Did you know?


Lighting is responsible for about 11 percent of a home’s energy bills.  Turn off the lights when you leave a room.


Pack a trash-free lunch

Did you know?


Lunched packed without disposable bags and containers will save you up to $250 per year. Bring a zero-waste lunch.

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